How to Beat the Tennessee Heat: Tips to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

How to Beat the Tennessee Heat: Tips to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Summer, heat, humidity and energy bills have well and truly arrived, it doesn’t have to be like this though! Perform a simple DIY home energy audit to discover where you can save on utility bills and how to keep your home cool and comfortable during summer. 

AC The chimney is swept at the start of winter, likewise, have your AC unit professionally serviced at the start of summer to ensure it’s safe and running efficiently. A well-maintained, clean unit reduces running costs and wear and tear – saving on maintenance and repairs. 

Consider using a thermostat you can program, they can be as simple or intuitive as your budget allows. Set preferred times or have a Wifi connected device learn your patterns. Programming the AC to suit your lifestyle can save up to 10% per year on energy costs. Try not to confuse the thermostat by having lamps or other items that produce heat near it.

InsulationKeep your home effectively insulated and avoid losing all that freshly produced cool air. Check your insulation, especially the attic and crawl spaces – top up any insulation or have a professional upgrade it. 

GapsWhile you’re at it, check for gaps and draughts, wherever warm air comes in and cool air is lost. A cost-effective solution to seal window/door framing gaps is by fitting self-adhesive weather strips, they’re so quick to install!

You do want ‘gaps’ in the attic, however, well, not exactly gaps – vents. Ensure your attic is well ventilated so the rising hot air doesn’t build up and cause damage. Also, don’t let that warm air in by opening and closing doors frequently.

CirculationNow to get cool air circulating through your home – in high-traffic areas, consider using ceiling fans or portable/floor fans. 

AC Free DaysKeeping the AC running every day of summer isn’t always needed. On less intensive days try going ‘AC Free’. Not only will utility bills, AC maintenance/repair costs decrease, but you’ll help the planet.

Install window treatments that block heat during the hottest part of the day, try double curtains. Use thin daytime curtains to let light in but keep heat out and heavier ones over top for evenings.

If blinds and curtains aren’t you, try planting fast-growing trees or shrubs to provide shade. Bonus points for helping mitigate our urban heat island.

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