Best Paint Colors For All Occasions In 2022

Best Paint Colors for 2022

The paint industry has evolved significantly over the past century. Gone were the days when clay, flowers, berries, and animal fat were the primary ingredients in paint. Today, we have cleaner binders, dozens of finishes, and countless colors to pick from.

Finding the right paint and colors can make all the difference when decking out your living space. With so many options, knowing the right paint color for your project can be challenging. It’s always advisable to do some research before picking what you think suits you best. That said, here are the best paint colors for 2022.

Poised Taupe 

This uniquely timeless and neutral color is the brainchild of Sherwin-Williams. It not only looks modern but also strikes a balance between warm and cool. Poised Taupe adds a cozy feeling to your home while infusing a sense of sanctuary. It also diffuses the anxieties of the outside world, leaving you stress-free and restored. It’s no surprise that Sherwin-Williams has previously named Poised Taupe as their Color of the Year.

This paint color is conservative gray and part earthen brown but also has hues of blue-gray, mauve, purple, and pink. If you’ve always longed for beautiful neutral paints that bring color tones and warmth together to create an irresistibly versatile color, Poised Taupe won’t disappoint. It celebrates what we love about cool gray as a neutral color while adding the warmth of brown.

 As Sherwin-Williams head of marketing, Sue Wadden states, Poised Taupe is a weathered and woodsy neutral color that brings out the sense of coziness and harmony that we all desire to have at home. When you paint your home in this color, the space will feel welcoming and hug you every time you walk through the doors.

Quick Tip: Pair Poised Taupe with mustard yellow, weathered bronze, and citrus green to create a unique contemporary organic palette.

Behr Digital

If you’re a lover of charcoal-gray, you can never go wrong with Behr Digital. This attractive shade of slate is excellent for adding a moody accent to your living space. It could be on a wall, a tall fireplace, or wherever else you want. The color’s moody elegance makes it particularly perfect for accent walls, adding dramatic flair to your built-ins and cabinets and even the exterior of your home.

Click Here For A Digital Look Of  Charcoal Gray From Behr.

Behr digital is a dark slate gray color with an undertone of green. It may not be quite black but still falls in the dark gray category. The paint color comes out beautifully when paired with white. Such a combination feels modern, cozy, and fresh despite being a dark color. The slight undertone of green prevents Behr Digital from feeling cold. Although we can’t call it a warm color, it lightly swings in that direction.

As with most warm undertones, the green in Behr Digital tends to be more pronounced in brightly colored rooms with south-facing light. However, this shouldn’t worry you because your space won’t look green. Conversely, when painted in darker rooms, Behr Digital will resemble deep slate gray but still give your living space a beautifully somber look.

Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace

Regardless of your color preferences, you’ll always need white paint that covers your walls beautifully to create the neutral space you’ve always wanted. Chantilly Lace from Benjamin Moore is one such color. With a light reflector value of 92.2, this paint color is as refined and delicate as the lace it’s named after. It looks crisp and clean and takes you back to the simpler times when pure silk and soft linen were the in-thing.

Click Here For A Digital Look Of Chantilly Lace

Professional interior designers love using this paint color because of the flexibility it offers them. Chantilly Lace looks equally attractive on a living room wall as it would in the dining room. Likewise, it blends seamlessly with most hardwood floors. Looking at this paint color carefully, you’ll notice it has slight yellow undertones, which add a little bit of warmth to it.

Chantilly Lace is excellent for walls, cabinets, trim, and even your home’s exteriors. The question of whether this color is warm or cool is tough to answer. Chantilly Lace is clean white, and therefore, more impacted by the environment and light conditions than most paint colors you’ll encounter. It’s isn’t a cool white because there are no green or blue undertones.

If you’ve got cool north-facing light, it might cast some of its blue/gray light back into the room. Conversely, if you’ve got warm south-facing light, it will soften while maintaining the crisp white look of this paint color.

Dover White

With so many variations of white, few match Dover White in terms of freshness, cleanliness, and simplicity. This paint color from Sherwin-Williams is a popular white paint perfect for creating a sense of space, creating contrast, and adding highlights. With an LRV of 83, Dover White absorbs a lot of light, making it an excellent option for painting full rooms.

Ways To Use Dover White On interest

Since it’s a warm neutral, Dover White can also be perfect for staging if you’re planning to sell your home. It highlights all the architectural elements of your home while giving the space a clean look but without appearing too stark. The warm undertones add a luxurious look and feel to your home.

Dover White is more sensitive to light than most colors. Hence, test it out before you proceed to paint your rooms. Likewise, check how the paint color looks in different light conditions and at different times of the day. Since white brings attention to details, it’s equally essential to ensure the paint color matches your home’s fixed elements. You don’t want it to clash with your countertops, flooring, and other fixtures.

Another amazing way to use Dover White is using it to create gallery walls. Whoever walks into your home will notice things more since the paint color is great for displaying artwork. Generally, white walls allow art pieces to stand out, especially if they have warm colors. Moreover, if you have a farmhouse-style home and want to give it a Southern charm, Dover White will be perfect for the exterior.


Alabaster is another popular paint color in the Sherwin-Williams lineup. It’s a neutral and versatile color that can be used in different settings both inside and outside your home. In an age where we all look forward to having some personal time for mindfulness, Alabaster provides the solace you need to rejuvenate your weary mind.

View Alabaster From Sherwin Williams.

At first look, Alabaster is white paint color, but upon close inspection, you’ll notice its uniquely soft, creamy hue. The paint verges on the off-white territory but remains light enough to be considered white. When renovating your home and want a warm white devoid of the coldness or starkness of other whites, Alabaster is perfect for you. The paint color neither feels cold nor warm, making it ideal for most spaces.

Despite an LRV of 82, Alabaster doesn’t feel too white, thanks to the depth of its color. So, if you prefer actual white walls, this paint color is less white than other options you may have in mind. Furthermore, Alabaster’s creamy base gives it some yellow and a touch of neutral that stops it from being too warm.

Being a light neutral paint color, Alabaster is excellent for creating bold stripes with dark colors and could also be a soothing option for your home’s bedroom walls. It can also help you show off your living room since it transforms walls into fine showplaces for frames, mirrors, artwork, and other decorative pieces. Although this paint color works well on its own or with warm colors, it’s perfect for pairing with grays and light blushes.

Newburyport Blue

Are you a fan of the color blue and want it to adorn your home’s wall with it? Look no further than the Newburyport Blue paint color. Though string, the paint is subtle and doesn’t overpower your home. Instead, it helps you create an anchor when you paint it on the outside of your house or use it as a feature. The dark navy blue paint with slight purple/gray undertones adds a moody blue feel to your space.

View Newburyport Blue In Action.

Sometimes, blue paints are too dramatic, powerful, and vibrant to the point of being overbearing. Newburyport Blue has none of that because it’s a classic navy paint ideal for contemporary and traditional spaces. Besides having it on your home’s exterior or interior walls, Newburyport Blue is perfect for garage doors or even the front door.

When combined with a white surrounding, the paint color provides a beautiful accent. You may want to combine Newburyport Blue walls with soft furnishings, a neutral carpet, and white trim inside the house. Your living spaces will feel somewhat saturated but bright. They’ll also have a “true-blue” vibe without feeling over-the-top.

Neon Pink

Adventurous, intense, and eye-catching, that’s what the Neon Pink paint color is all about. It’s for the discerning homeowners with an eye for color and who want to stand out. Designed by Jonathan Berger, the paint color makes quite the first impression. It makes your living space feel warm, welcoming, and hard to forget.

Check Neon Pink Colors On Pinterest.

Hot pink has always been a super-intense color. However, the Neon Pink paint color elevates the vibrancy to a whole new level. A striking paint color like Neon Pink is excellent for entryways and similar areas where you typically don’t spend too much time. If you paint it in the entry, it will be a show-stopper and welcome guests into your home.

Pink is considered a girly color, but the same cannot be said of Neon Pink. It’s versatile, whether you want to give your space an outrageous or calming look. The shade is also sexy, timeless, and charming. Therefore, you can use the paint color for different rooms in your home to an excellent effect.


If you ask any decorator for insights when repainting your home, they’ll tell you to go for impact. Few paint colors help you achieve a more significant effect than Gray-Brown. Neither light nor too dark, the color is easy to integrate into your home’s decors and can be painted anywhere since it’s an excellent hue for any living space.

Gray-Brown paint color is less dull than both gray and brown. Hence, it bodes well for those who want a paint color with warmer hues. The gray has warm undertones that brighten and open your living space. Brushing on a coat of this paint will make your rooms appear larger than they are.

When using either gray or brown, getting it right can be challenging. With the Gray-Brown paint color, you won’t have such worries because it’s clean, charming, versatile, and neutral. You can use it to play with colorful artwork and unusual seating in your home, and it won’t disappoint. Whether you’re aiming for warm and cozy or crisp and bright, the paint color will accomplish the job.

Classic French Gray

Are you sick of white coats and want to try out something different in your next renovation project? If so, the Classic French Gray paint color is just what you need. Timeless and trendy, especially on exterior walls, the paint color works and looks better than white. Though neutral, the paint has a sneaky blue undertone that makes it look even softer.

The Classic French Gray paint color has an LRV of 24, making it one of the heavier medium-range paint colors you’ll encounter. The beauty of using paint colors with such low LRVs is that while they absorb lots of light, they don’t look bulky. This paint color performs amazingly in that regard. Even in a poorly-lit room, it doesn’t darken the space any further. Conversely, the paint does well in super bright rooms with lots of sunshine on the walls.

Since the paint color’s undertones are slight, it’s susceptible to picking up cues from the surrounding environment. It isn’t surprising to pick out hues of green, pink, purple, and blue. If you’re painting your walls Classic French Gray, you may want to use white for your trim, doors, and ceiling to create the perfect contrast. The paint color is also great for your home’s interior because it blends well with the surrounding nature, asphalt roof, and most stone and brick colors.


Most people crave calm neutral paint on their walls when undertaking a home renovation. However, there’s a way to spice things up. With the Faded Terracotta from Farrow & Ball, you have a warm and earthy paint color that pairs perfectly with sage green, lighter creams, deep browns, and a host of other colors.

Check Out Faded Terracotta From Farrow & Ball.

Faded Terracotta has a soft orange appearance and a pale hue in bright spaces. The easygoing paint color is characterized by warmth and softness and instantly elevates the look of your living spaces. What’s more, the paint comes to you packed in a recyclable container and an eco-friendly water base. So, if you’re part of the green movement, there’s no better paint color for you.

Oyster Bay

The Oyster Bay by Sherwin-Williams is a grayish-green, medium-toned paint with a hint of blue. It has a deep coastal intensity, making it excellent for cabinets and built-ins. Although the paint color has a darker green hue than most you’ll encounter, gray gives it a neutral feel. You’ll love the cozy spa vibe this paint color gives, more so when used in bathrooms or bedrooms.

What Colors Compliment Oyster Bay?

Now that we’ve talked about the paint’s hues, you’re probably wondering what its color is. Oyster Bay is a blend of blue, gray, and green. It reminds you of a cloudy, moody day on the coast. Although there’s more gray and green in the paint than blue, sometimes blue is more predominant. Often, this happens when it’s sunny. The unique color combination, depth, and intensity make Oyster Bay one of the most soothing paint colors.

The paint has enough gray to keep it muted. It’s also considerably darker than its competitor in the Sherwin-Williams family, the SW Sea Salt paint. With an LRV of 44, Oyster Bay is among the most neutral paint colors. However, it’s best to avoid painting it in rooms lacking natural light (especially north-facing rooms) since it may appear dark and gloomy.

There are tricks for brightening up such rooms after using this paint. For instance, you can pair it with even wainscoting or bright white trim to minimize the wall using paint. Mixing the color at 50% intensity also prevents it from coming on too strong on your walls.

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Final Thoughts

Choosing the right paint color for your renovation project can make all the difference. The colors you choose go a long way in improving your home’s value. No matter the space, lighting conditions, or aesthetic goals you want to achieve, you can never go wrong with the right type of paint color.

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