Moving To Murfreesboro? Things To Know Before You Move Here.

Things To Know About Murfreesboro TN 

Located in the center of Tennessee in Rutherford County, Murfreesboro is the sixth-largest city in Tennessee, accommodating 152,769 residents. It served as the state capital from 1818 to 1826 before being replaced by Nashville – the capital and most populous city of Tennessee. 

Murfreesboro is one of the fastest-growing cities in America and is home to the prestigious Middle Tennessee State University – the largest undergraduate university in Tennessee. But that alone doesn’t make it an attractive destination. 

There are several things to know about Murfreesboro TN if you plan on moving here. From employment opportunities to reduced rental costs and recreational activities, one cannot get enough from the quality of life Murfreesboro offers!

Murfreesboro – A Little On Its History

In 1811, the Tennessee General Assembly planned to designate a new county seat in Rutherford County. The Assembly named it Cannonsburgh honoring Newton Cannon, the representative of the Assembly during that time. 

Later that year, the place was renamed Murfreesborough. The suggestion of the new name came from William Haines Lytle, a politician and a military officer in the US Army during the American Civil and Mexican-American war. Lytle recommended this name to honor the revolutionary war hero Colonel Hardy Murfree. 

However, the new name didn’t survive long and was changed to Murfreesboro in 1812. With the expansion of Tennessee settlement to the west, the state capital in Knoxville became uncomfortable for most of the population. Consequently, Murfreesboro was announced as the capital of Tennessee in 1818, and its population grew tremendously. 

Nashville superseded the city eight years later, however. 

As the state’s geographical center, Murfreesboro argued to retain its previous title. However, Nashville had better water and road connections. Besides, it offered a free piece of land to the state to construct the capital building. 

On top of that, it was only 30 miles away from the midpoint – not far. Therefore, in 1843, it became the state’s permanent capital passing with 17 votes. 

Murfreesboro was an obvious candidate for the capital and is just as good as Nashville. For this reason alone, tourists visiting the city often plan on moving to Murfreesboro, TN, permanently.


Handy Tips for Moving to Murfreesboro TN

Murfreesboro offers top-notch schools, job opportunities, well-maintained sports tourism facilities, beautiful parks, and more. The city’s motto, “Creating a better quality of life,” speaks volumes about its effort to provide locals and tourists with high living standards. 

Perhaps this explains why it secured a position in Time Magazine’s “Best Places to Live in America” list. Moving to Murfreesboro, TN, brings an array of opportunities for you and your family. Not only will you enjoy the captivating sites the place offers, but you’ll also benefit from the quality education, low living costs, and career opportunities. 

However, before moving in, there are some things to know about Murfreesboro, TN. We’ve shared a few tips that’ll come in handy and help you get the most out of your new hometown. 

Pick Your Neighborhood

Your neighborhood can be a real deal-breaker – or maker – when you plan to move to another city. It matters a lot because it determines how satisfied you’ll be in your new house – and hometown. Therefore, you must take time out and research the neighborhood. 

New Construction Homes For Sale In Murfreesboro

Digging into the neighborhood details will save you from headaches later on. Here are a few things to consider when choosing your neighborhood in Murfreesboro. 

Check for Safety

Every area experiences criminal activity time and again. There’s nothing more important than learning about a city’s crime stats; it helps protect your family and assets. You can check out the safest and most dangerous places in Murfreesboro and plan your residential area accordingly. 

Talk to People 

One of the best ways to know about an area’s comfort is to talk to the neighbors. If you see someone walking with a dog, gardening, or grabbing the mail, approach them and introduce yourself. Tell them that you are interested in moving to the neighborhood and ask them questions about the place’s convenience. 

However, note that people have varying ideas about what makes a location a better one to live in. So, be generic with your questions. For instance, if you prefer quiet surroundings, ask them about noise levels. 

Give Commute a Test Run. 

Whether you use a bike, a car, or public transport for commuting, it is better to give your commute a test run. While Google Maps comes in handy, it’s better to learn about the route and the time it takes to reach a particular destination by running a test. 

Check Walkability Score

You can use software, Walkscore, to determine the neighborhood for its convenience and walkability. Generally, a low walkability score signifies you’d need a car or bike to get to a particular place. 

On the flip side, high walkability score indicates that you can walk on foot without hassle. If you prefer walking to your favorite coffee shop or wandering in the park, you must consider this option when picking your neighborhood. 

Take a Walk Around

If you love going for morning walks, take a walk around the neighborhood to learn more about the area. Are the people around friendly? Is the area clean? Are the sidewalks occupied by people early in the morning? Is there any store nearby to grab a water bottle? 

Addressing such questions will help you determine if you’re moving to the right place. 

Know the Neighborhood Schools

Getting familiar with the neighborhood schools is a must if you have children. A well-kept school makes a huge difference to the new life you plan to build after moving to Murfreesboro. You can also learn about a school’s reputation by approaching neighborhood people. 

Build Your Community 

Murfreesboro is home to different types of residents. From college students to young mothers to singles to retirees and fitness enthusiasts – you name it!

However, moving to a place without knowing anyone can be challenging. You need to determine your hobbies and interests and build a community to feel at home. The only way to turn an unfamiliar place into a home is by reaching out to people and building your community. 

We’ve all experienced the adverse effects of the pandemic and social isolation. In all honesty, moving to a place without getting in touch with a community that shares similar interests as yours will give you a similar experience.

When you have no one to talk to and share your interests, you feel isolated. Therefore, the community is crucial to your and your children’s general well-being.

Being social animals, we love to connect to like-minded people. Not only does it make us feel at home, but we also develop into stronger, resilient beings. On top of that, it offers a sense of purpose, broadens our vision, and gives us a sense of belonging. 

Note that you do not necessarily need to have a large circle, a small circle with shared interests is enough. If you’re unsure how to go about it, consider joining Murfreesboro community groups on Facebook and connect with people right away. 

Look at the Employment Opportunities

If you are career-oriented, here’s one for you!

Before moving to Murfreesboro, TN, you must learn what the place has in store for you. Your family’s well-being largely depends on your employment. Therefore, knowing about a city’s employment opportunities, payroll, and leading industries is imperative to set your long-term goals. 

In 2021, the unemployment rate in Murfreesboro was 2.7%less than the national unemployment rate. 

So, at least you won’t remain unemployed as long as you are enthusiastic about finding a suitable job and have the required skills. 

You can get career information at the Tennessee Career Center at Murfreesboro to further learn about an appropriate career opportunity. Here are some quick facts about employment in Murfreesboro: 

  • With over 22,000 students, Middle Tennessee State University has one of the largest payrolls in Murfreesboro. 
  • The Rutherford County Government is one of the largest Murfreesboro employers with over 6,000 employees. It provides several public services, including courts, law enforcement, medical services, and more. Current job listings include 31 jobs. You can check them out and see if any position aligns with your career. 
  • Murfreesboro’s National Healthcare Corporation provides medical and administrative services with over 2,000 employees. 
  • If vehicle manufacturing companies intrigue you, you may want to check out Nissan North America, Inc. It is affiliated with one of the largest car manufacturers around the world. 
  • Other top employers in Murfreesboro include State Farm Operations Center, Alvin C. York Veterans Administration Medical Center, General Mills/Pillsbury Company, Verizon Wireless Call Center, Murfreesboro City Government, and Middle Tennessee Medical Center. 

If jobs do not pique your interest and you seek business opportunities, you can open a business in the city. You need to connect with the Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce for that purpose. It aims to promote economic development, benefit county residents, and provide you with the resources you need to get started. 

Get to Know Murfreesboro Schools 

Good educational background plays a crucial role in becoming a better citizen, earning a well-paying job, and understanding the difference between good and bad. It helps us grow and develop for the better and understand the laws, rules, and regulations of our city. 

Like most parents, perhaps you are concerned about your children’s education. School is the first institution your child attends, and overlooking its importance or leaving it as an afterthought is not wise at all. 

Therefore, you must know about the surrounding schools when moving to Murfreesboro. Not only will it allow you to separate the good ones from the bad, but it will also help you set the right budget for your child’s education. 

The Murfreesboro City Schools serve elementary education in the county. It operates as a part of the city government, offering 13 elementary schools and serving over 9000 students. The organization aims to provide students with quality education. 

Beyond elementary, a popular option to consider is Rutherford County Schools. It operates 23 middle and high schools. The RCS consistently ranks among the top school districts in Tennessee and has successfully maintained its reputation through the years. The schools are equipped with experienced and dedicated teachers that empower students and help them reach their fullest potential. 

There’s no better place to consider for higher education than Middle Tennessee College. It offers programs in business management, history, visual and performing arts, social sciences, and more. 

Other popular nearby schools include: 

  • Cumberland University in Lebanon
  • Tennessee State College in Nashville 
  • Lipscomb and Belmont College 

However, note that if you do not prefer commuting long distances for your child’s education, you may want to consider schools close to your neighborhood. You can connect with your neighbors to learn more about nearby schools and colleges. 

Explore Daycare Options 

If you are a working parent with young children, there’s no reason not to consider childcare for your little one. Not only will it make you stress-free, but it will also set the mental, educational, and emotional foundation of your child. Here’s how else it benefits your kid: 

  • Daycare instills social and communication skills in toddlers. 
  • Helps build their basic mathematical skills and concepts.
  • Children become aware of their environment and learn how to behave in a society.
  • Basic pre-literacy concepts boost their confidence 
  • They learn the importance of teamwork. 
  • By engaging in fun and learning activities, they grow emotionally and mentally. 

If you are not a working parent and have never sent your child to daycare, you may want to consider sending them after moving to Murfreesboro, TN. Here’s why.

Moving in can be stressful not only for you but also for your child. They leave behind their teachers, friends, neighborhood buddies, and other family members. Consequently, they feel down and depressed. Even if your child shows no visible signs of stress, you may notice them over time. 

Since changing homes frequently is associated with behavioral problems in children, it is better to send your child to daycare to eliminate their stress and make them feel at home. 

So aside from school and employment options, you also need to mark daycare options in your list of things to know about Murfreesboro, TN. 

Getting to know daycare options early on will help you choose the one that’ll cater to your needs. For instance, you may want to consider factors like your budget, route, distance, and of course, quality of daycare services. 

Some popular options include: 

  • Sylvan Learning of Murfreesboro. The licensed daycare offers quality services for your child and can accommodate 99 children. 
  • Sloan Street KinderCare offers several camp programs, homework assistance, and online programs. It is more suitable for parents who seek to strengthen their child’s academic base. 
  • KidsPark Murfreesboro is an appropriate option for you if you have unique scheduling needs. The daycare offers hourly, full-day, night, and weekend programs for your toddler.
  • Fortress Blvd KinderCare offers several fun activities to improve your little ones’ critical thinking and communication skills. 
  • Swing N’ Play Preschool aims to develop children’s communication and social skills through several educational and fun activities, including programs like Handwriting Without Tears, Mother Goose Time, and Funshine Express. 

Sell Your Current Home

While settling in Murfreesboro is an excellent option to consider, it is imperative to understand that your costs will hike as you move. Although the city offers several affordable residential options, that doesn’t indicate you won’t be spending cash when settling in. 

From travel costs to purchasing new stuff and getting your child admitted to their new educational institute, you’ll be carrying a certain amount of weight on your shoulders. 

There’s no reason not to sell your current home before moving to Murfreesboro, TN. First, it will compensate for the costs that’ll likely increase when shifting to a new place. Second, you can utilize the money to upgrade your new home. 

Of course, there are several luxury and lavish apartment and home options in Murfreesboro; perhaps you’d love to adjust it per your preferences to complement its aesthetics. 

Certainly, you need cash to touch up your new home. Selling your previous home will significantly take the burden off your shoulders. However, do not make this move in haste. Get in touch with reputable real estate agents and sell your home at the right price.

Know the Living Costs In Murfreesboro

The good news is that Murfreesboro offers affordable residential options. As a new citizen, you’ll hardly notice any increase in your monthly expenses. 

We’ll discuss the average living costs to give you an idea. However, the expenses are not precise, rather a rough estimate of the overall costs. Your costs will vary depending on the area you plan to move to. The real estate market shifts in different regions of Murfreesboro, and so do the living costs. 

Also, note that the living costs include rent, bills, groceries, and much more than the residence. Here’s a quick look into the average living costs in Murfreesboro: 

  • Median home price: $401,890
  • Median rent: $1250 per month
  • Energy bill: $152 monthly 
  • Phone bill: $162 per month 
  • Gas: $3.75 per gallon 

The food and grocery costs are almost the same as other cities:

  • Cartoon of eggs: $1.75
  • A gallon of milk: $1.88
  • Loaf of bread: $3.23
  • Hamburger: $4.11 

Healthcare expenses include the following: