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Question: What Is Arrington TN Most Famous For?

Answer: Probably the most famous thing about the City Of Arrington TN is Arrington Vineyards. Arrington TN is famous for its vineyards, but if you’ve never visited the area, you may not know this.  Vineyards and wine are a part of the culture and community tradition in and around Arrington.  A visit to the town will have you strolling through Vineyards, sipping on some of Tennessee’s finest wines, or enjoying a live concert and picnic. Wine tasting rooms are just minutes from the Franklin town square on top of the rolling hills surrounded by all things in Williamson County. Another popular attraction in Arrington is Castle Gwynn. Like many teenagers, Mike Freeman had high-school dreams of someday owning his own castle. Unlike many teenagers, Freeman followed through, starting work on Castle Gwynn in 1980. Today, it’s a 12th-century Welsh border castle come to life in Arrington, Tennessee (and Mike’s home). In May, it becomes the host of the Tennessee Renaissance Festival, transporting attendees back to 16th Century England.

Top Arrington Neighborhoods And Communities Include Arrington Ridge, Black Hawk, Burning Tree Farms, Hardemen Springs, Pine Creek and Kings Chapel.


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