What New Construction Buyers Should Know in 2022

Here are tips that every new construction buyer should know in 2022.


If you’re a new construction homebuyer in 2022, here are the biggest pieces of advice I can give you:


1. Be patient. There are supply chain issues that aren’t going away anytime soon. A recent builder had issues getting garage doors. Another couldn’t find toilets. This is an even greater challenge with custom homes. Subcontractors are hard to come by at this point, materials are going up in cost, and delays are going to happen.


2.  Be aware of pricing. These supply chain issues are affecting the prices of things like lumber. This can drastically increase the price of a new home.


3. Get the right lender. Sometimes it pays to use the builder’s and other times it doesn’t. But it usually pays to get a local, nimble lender – they know the market and more often close on time. Ask a your buyer’s agent for recommendations.


4. Hire a buyer’s agent not affiliated with the builder.  Builders love unrepresented buyers … fewer problems for builder and less advocacy for the home buyer. Hire an experienced agent for a new home build.


5. Get a home inspection. Yes, you should always get your home purchases inspected.


Building a new home is a team effort. It’s important to have a strong agent on your side to keep things on track and avoid as many issues as possible.


If you have any questions for me, don’t hesitate to reach out via phone or email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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