How To Tell if You Have a Good Agent

Six things that any good agent should already be doing for you.


How do you know if you have a good agent? Today I want to share six things you should look for in your Realtor. If yours doesn’t have all of them, it may be time to look for a new one.

  • They should be available. Your agent should be available for you and return any communications you send same day or beginning of the next. However, a good agent should also be busy! It’s a red flag if they’re not, but they should always be able to return your calls no matter how busy they get.

  • They should handle showings. They should arrange the setup and even help with the painter if you need one before you list. They should give you an agenda and a roadmap. That’s what you should expect from our team and any other Realtor.

  • They should connect you to a good lender. This has never been more important. You need to find a good local lender who can get you pre-approved and position your offer in the best possible way. Local lenders make a huge difference in whether your offer gets accepted or not.

  • They should educate you about the market. As you’re touring the areas, they should know stuff about the local schools, shopping areas, and comparable homes. They should also provide this information in a written format.

  • They should get your home closed. I’m including negotiation and influence in this category. Influence is all about getting the other agent to accept your offer or at least have it considered. Negotiation is about showing that your agent and you won’t be difficult to work with. When you’re comparing against eight other offers, the reputation and skill of your agent will make a big difference.

  • They should provide a list of quality vendors. Your agent should know a good plumber, painter, roofer, etc. Nowadays, labor is at a huge premium. It’s hard to find quality vendors, so working with an agent who has a good list already is a huge leg up

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